Term 2 2012 – First day of winter

I went to the orchard to take some photos this week and found that we have yet another bunch of bananas beginning! Amazing. This will be the 3rd bunch from this particular tree, which is the first one we planted and gets the most sun.  As i have said on a previous post, bananas fruit when they get to a certain size and have a certain amount of leaves so they don’t care that it is winter at the moment. We may have to protect the bunches with bags over them if it gets really frosty, but the orchard is in such a sheltered spot it never seems to get too cold and windy down there.

In other news – this week saw the start of an initiative for each class to Adopt a fruit Tree. We have 48 trees at the moment – 24 inside the orchard and 24 around the school. Volunteers are so few at the moment it is difficult to look after all the trees now hence getting the kids more involved, which totally makes sense since they are doing a Food for Thought programme as well as Garden to Table and one tree for a whole class of kids is very little work, but actually gives them a lot of learning. All our trees have been in the ground for at least a year now so they are all pretty settled. The ones that have been in for 2 years have all got fruit on them now, which does make it a bit more exciting obviously.

The trees outside the orchard are the ones being adopted and they are now all numbered 1 to 24. The class will get to keep the fruit from their tree. The trees inside the orchard are still being looked after by volunteers and the fruit from here can be used for Garden to Table classes. Garden to Table is going really well after almost 2 terms and we now have a blog about all their latest endeavours which you can read here http://edendale419.wordpress.com/.

We have some more fruit trees coming this August, if i can recall them all we are getting plum, fig, persimon, quince and more apple and pears which we plan to espalier around the walls on the bottom field. I would say we will have more fruit than we know what to do with but with 650 students, not sure how many teachers, and an extended community of parents and grandparents etc I think there will be plenty of takers. Not to mention I hear there will be soon a Farmers market in Sandringham Village, so plenty of opportunities to sell our produce and teach the kids some entrepreneurial skills too!

Here’s the photos from this week, with the new banana flower:


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