Term 2 2012 – More Mulching

Over the April school holidays we had some trees trimmed around school and they were all chipped onsite to give us lots of lovely mulch and just in time too – the weeds were seriously taking over. So a big job this term has been lots of weeding and mulching. We have been laying down a big thick layer to keep those weeds down. We had a working bee at the end of the school holidays (at which i forgot my camera for the first time ever!!) and we had small but amazing army of kids and adults who showed those weeds who was boss in about a couple of hours. As a reward for the hard work, we then collected all the fejoas from our 3 trees – Unique, Wiki Tu and Apollo. We gathered them into 3 piles and taste tested each varietyto see which one we all liked best. I have to say the Wiki Tu came out the favourite but that may also be due to the fact that it was the late season variety and the others were past their best. We had 2 buckets full left to give to Sarah in the kitchen to use in lessons. I’ll have to find out what she used them for. Heather got one shot on her phone of the hard working kids with their fejoas – Thank you Angus, Grace, Isla Marsh, Fleur and Isla Ward-Stewart who are all in the photos and also thanks to William who didn’t want to be in a photo but was totally awesome at helping with the mulch. And thanks as ever to the lovely ladies  – Kathy, Heather and Penelope!

The Mulchers with their fejoas


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