Term 2 2012 – Avocados

Last thursday we were lucky enough to have a visiting expert in the orchard – Houshang Hasan whose business you can find online here http://www.avopro.org/ , came to see how our Avocado trees were doing. We bought them from him almost 3 years ago. On his advice we bought 3 trees and planted them close together so they could grow into each other and pollinate each other. We have a Hashimoto, an Ettinger and a Hass – a mixture of type A and Type B trees. We have over 20 fruit on our Hass tree and another 3 large fruit on the Ettinger, which is fantastic for such young trees. Houshang was there to answer all our questions about our trees so we learnt plenty. The main things being:

  • The fruit is ripe about 6 months after the flowers have set fruit, so our fruit will be ready in September
  • We can leave the fruit on the tree for up to 18 months, which means we can have 2 seasons worth of fruit on the one tree and that is ok (but we need to remember which is the oldest fruit and pick it first)
  • The avocado will ripen off the tree
  • We learned to recognise which is a flower bud and which is a leaf bud so that helps us when pruning
  • Our trees will not need pruning until May next year (and Houshang will come and teach us how to do it)
  • One of our trees is looking a bit sad so we need to give a little TLC to this one – remove all companion plants around the base – feed well and look into using phytophera and fish fertiliser to feed the soil. (more info on this later)

I was busy taking photos so i missed some of the talking, but if I have missed anything important can the other people who were there please let me know!

Houshang has made some videos of his visit which you can find here https://www.youtube.com/user/avocentric?feature=guide



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    hooshang said,

    Great job Karen. Thanks for a day which I’ll cherish forever. I enjoyed being of service to you, your colleagues and your students. It was also a pleasant trip back to my own school days for me. I’m sure your students will remember these days as one of the best in their lives. Thank you all.

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