10th November 2011 – Harvesting Bananas

The bananas on our misi luki tree have all filled out over the last few weeks and are looking a little less green so it was time to get them down today as bananas are supposed to ripen off the tree in a cool dark place. The mother plant is pretty high so we were glad it was planted near the bank so we could use this to our advantage. Jodie and Sanj stood on the bank and pulled the hand of bananas towards them so I could cut them off the tree with a saw. Heather came to help and took photos and Rosemary came to see what we were up to also.  Then we had to cut down the tree that had fruited as they only fruit once. This tree has many pups or daughters (i have seen them called both) around her so hopefully they will also fruit for us. For 24 hours the bananas will be in a plastic bag with one already ripe banana to encourage the ripening process to get going.  After this we will keep them out of the bag but still in the shed until they are ripe enough to eat. There could be almost 200 bananas altogether! Great to finally have that job done and no-one injured. It was actually easier than i was expecting.

Apart from that, the orchard is looking beautiful at the moment – apple trees are blossoming as are the citrus, avocados, feijoas and passionfruit, plus the wildflowers have self seeded and we have a sea of orange poppies dotted with cornflowers and blue tansy. The grapevines are covered in tiny bunches of grapes, blueberry bushes have lots of berries and we have the first few loquats ripening on the tree. I have to say it is the first time i can remember that we seem to be ahead of ourselves in our little oasis. All the trees are fed and mulched, pruning happened over winter, no weird and puzzling bugs are munching the life out of anything at the moment. Often i look around and see job after job that needs doing but this week, now the bananas are harvested , it is lovely to sit and appreciate what we have all created over the last few years. It’s a beautiful place. I hope you will take the time to go and enjoy it.


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