September 30th 2011

Well I’m a bit behind the times with this post but better late than never apparently so off we go. On august 10th we had two visitors to the orchard Finn Mackesy and Jo McIntyre-Brown who work for the council as Environmental Education Advisors. Finn has visited us before, two and a half years ago he helped me organise which tree goes where in our orchard in the days when i was a gardening novice and knew very little about the many fruit trees i had volunteered to be in charge of. I was ridiculously grateful for his advice. He also donated and helped to plant the sugarcane and our beautiful banana trees, so it was great that he came when the biggest tree was fruiting.

Finn and Jo were keen to meet Rosemary, our principal and were keen to help our school with any environmental initiatives which is great. I would like to say thanks to Finn and Jo for taking the time to visit Edendale School.:-)

On August 25th we planted the last 3 of our donated trees from the Mt Eden Village People Citrus in Schools Project. It was such torrential rain on our working bee that we didn’t quite get to finish. The last trees were a kaffir lime a mandarin and a meyer lemon. All of them have been planted  in front of Rosemarys office, where our new sensory garden is taking shape. We also planted a coffee tree (actually, is it a tree? or a bush? I’ll have to look that up) kindly donated to us by Brian Coleman. All these trees are  in half wine barrels except for the meyer lemon which is in the ground. Here are the photos:


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