August 22nd 2011

Well we have 15 new citrus trees since I last posted on the blog, all donated by the Citrus in Schools project. We have now have:

Washington navel x 2
Harwood Late x 2
Best seedless x 2

Aoshima x 1
Kawano x 1
Burgess scarlet x 1

Lemonade x 2
Meyer x 2

Tahitian x 1
Kaffir x 1

Before their arrival we had to buy 15 stakes, write the names of the trees on each stake, find a good site for it around school and then get approval from Rosemary. This happened on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th of August. Also on the 5th we had organised plenty of compost and Garden mix from Kings Plant Barn. They were kind enough to donate 8 bags of compost for free, which is fantastic – Thanks to Simon at Kings, St Lukes  for this. It is lovely to get free trees but can get quite costly when buying stakes and compost and netting to protect them from the footballs so it’s great to save where ever we can.

Our working bee was Sunday August 7th and we had an amazing turnout, the best ever i think, about 14 people plus numerous kids. We arrived to the wonderful sight of a large hole dug by every stake we had put in the ground – at first nobody knew who had spent their sunday morning digging for us but, we found out that it was Sanj and Keith and their 3 girls, Lauren, Heather and Sophie  – I have already said thank you in person but Sanj and Keith – here is your big public THANK YOU!!!!! You have no idea how grateful we all were to have the whole job made quicker because after the first hour the rain came down in torrents and I don’t think we could have been any wetter. Not the best tree planting weather.

Anyway, we got 12 trees in the ground in 2 hours. 3 others are going into half wine barrels outside Rosemary’s office so we can do those later. Here are some photos of us first dry and then getting very wet.


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    Heather said,

    I think we might all just have been a bit crackers working in that weather. My jeans were so wet they were falling down – an awful sight for anyone to witness… Great day though. Delighted to have so many new trees at school. Thanks for organizing it Karen. Heather x

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