June 30th 2011 – The New Shed

Our new orchard shed, donated by Hamish Stewart Catering, has been fully assembled and in use for the last couple of weeks which is very exciting. More exciting than you can imagine actually because getting it has proved to be a mission for myself and Lloyd, our Caretaker.

It was paid for months ago but arrived damaged by the courier company and no-one seemed very bothered when we rang to tell them and the company we bought from. This took ages to get sorted and then when Lloyd tried to assemble the shed, the roof did not fit!!  The company were not very bothered about that either. I won’t mention who we got it from as they have recently sold the business and it would not be fair to the new owners but suffice to say we won’t be dealing with any of them again. Thanks to Lloyd and a bit of woodwork magic the shed is now finally functional and not having to carry all our gear down to the orchard is great. We also used it to shelter from the rain at our last working bee, so it has many uses. A BIG THANK YOU to Hamish for giving us the money for the shed!!

The last few working bees have been a bit hit and miss with heavy rain stopping play on a couple of occasions but in general we still have up to 5 hardy souls who come down to the orchard on Thursday afternoons before school pickup to weed and mulch and check our trees. Today one of our regulars, Jodie Little is spraying our trees with copper. This is an organic method to prevent many fungal diseases on fruit trees and this is the time of year to spray all dormant deciduous fruit trees and citrus that are not bearing fruit.  We have had to pick a day with good weather or the rain just washes it off.

Here’s a few pics of our new shed and the orchard in winter 2011:


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    Looking great, Karen! We do appreciate the new shed and all the work you and the other families do with our orchard! Thank you! Looking forward to the spring bulbs flowering after winter has passed!

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