Mini Working Bees x 2

A few weeks ago in the playground after school it was suggested to me that some folk would like to do a bit of work in the orchard from about 2-3pm since they had to come to school anyway, so hence we had a tuesday and thursday working bee in the week with about 3 – 4 ladies at each one. And man was it hot that week! it made me think of the january/ feb sessions we had last summer where retreating to the shade with a cool drink every ten minutes was essential to survival. It certainly is a suntrap down there. I have jandal tan marks and it’s only november.

Anyway, jobs included the neverending weeding, but really it’s not too bad because of all the mulch. Also some of the wilflowers had tried to take over many of the paths so it was just a matter of taking back a little control. These are all self seeded flowers and so we shall be enjoying them (and fighting with them at times) every year.

We also checked the stakes were secure and ties not getting too tight and fed citrus fertiliser to the citrus trees. Plus dead headed the dafodils. We left the leaves to wilt so they can take in more energy for the bulbs next year. At least we did that after the girls told me not to chop the whole lot of greenery off and why. See there’s a common assumption that I am an expert at gardening and it’s really not the case, I certainly know more now than 3 years ago but much of it is new and learning on the job and being really keen to not kill everything whilst you are all watching.


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