Three new trees

Yesterday I collected our free fruit trees from the Mount Eden Village People. One meyer lemon, one satsuma mandarin and one feijoa whose name escapes me currently.  Thanks again to Judith who has organised this for us. I’m soooo glad we pre-dug the planting holes last week, with compost and mulch ready, because the weather was not great and to get the trees in the ground took probably less than an hour. I met our new caretaker Lloyd for the first time, he just started at Edendale and was a fantastic help getting the trees in and the stakes. The ground was a bit rocky in places so putting the stakes in was the longest job.

The trees are a bit exposed and small at the moment so we will get a protective barrier around them, hopefully this weekend. This should give them a fighting chance against kids, basketballs and the elements. Although for their first night in the ground they would have had a bit of a bashing already after last nights storm.


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