Not long til Spring

Wow I can’t believe it’s the first of August today, only one month until Spring and I did not manage one post in July. So a few things to catch up on.

Up in the vege garden Brian Coleman has organised the upright posts so they are strong enough to support  melons, pumpkins and cucumbers growing up them. We will also soon have three new fruit trees around that area as on August 14th I will collect the trees donated by Mount Eden Village People. They are giving us a lemon, a mandarin and a feijoa and after walking around school with Rosemary and Kusam looking for the best site, we decided there was plenty of space there and already enough trees in the orchard. So if you see folk digging holes in the grass next week, that will be why. These will all grow to full size trees rather than dwarf stock.

Down in the orchard we have had our first daffodils opening – someone removed the head from the first one, but with so many to follow I guess it doesn’t matter too much. Lots of the trees are leafless and dormant at the moment so the daffodils bring a welcome bit of colour to the area.

We were the lucky recipients of a great big pile of lovely mulch last week. A friend of Karen Jane’s brought it down for us – I must get his name so I can say thank you properly! It’s fantastic to have more mulch for free. Last year when I got quotes it was more than $850 to cover the whole area, so was way out of our budget. Now we don’t have to worry about where to get it and it will save a whole lot of weeding work and watering over summer.

Last week I drove up to Koanga gardens (recently renamed Kaiwaka Organics) to collect the pear tree we ordered in February and today Hamish and I went to plant it with the kids, accompanied by our neighbours Sam and Kat who’s kids will soon be at Edendale. We had dug the planting hole and filled it with compost last year so we had an easy job today. Plus it already has spring bulbs appearing around the edges intermingled with lavender and nasturtiums so it should feel at home very quickly.

So we now have a dwarf, heritage Seckle pear tree – here’s what the blurb says about it:

“Seckle is the pollinator of all other pears that need pollinators- excellent small sweet fruit – the old “honey” pear of Bohemia. Ripe end of Feb through March. Self-fertile so does not need a pollinator. If you’ve only got room for 1 pear tree this is it! The bees love it too.”

The main jobs in the orchard now are just a bit of weeding and clearing the paths a bit (nasturtiums are trying to take over). Also I need to learn a bit about pruning grape vines. We have three vines and now they have lost all their leaves they need to be cut back to their main branches, so that will be my reading for today 🙂


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