Daffodils and Bluebells

So Saturday afternoon, April 17th, a few of us gathered in the orchard to plant 500 daffodil bulbs and 150 blubell bulbs ordered from http://www.gardenpost.co.nz/ , who gave us a fantastic discount. Our thanks to Liz Brunsden who helped us with this order. To help make this task a bit quicker we also had 5 bulb planters, they are the green things you can see in the photos and thank goodness for them, made the task much quicker than it otherwise would have been.

I had not been to the orchard for the whole school holidays and it’s not often I leave it for that long, and it was wonderful to walk in and see ripe feijoas, plus tamarillos and passionfruit growing. It’s still early days but it’s great to see a taste of what is to come over the years as the trees get more established. Hope you enjoy the photos….

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