Irrigation and more sheet mulching

Sunday morning 9am and nice and cool in the orchard. Hamish finished putting in the irrigation which is fantastic. Now we just turn a tap and leave it for a while instead of spending ages standing around with a hose or moving a sprinkler about to get every corner. Thanks to Hamish and Sarah Rae who paid for the irrigation. (Next we have to do this in the vege garden!!)

This morning we did some sheet mulching along the wall. Pulled the weeds and laid down newspaper and cardboard to defy them for a while. Mr Wilson and some of the year 6 boys are going to put the mulch on top this coming week.

We made sure all the trees were tied to their stakes properly and that none of the old ties were too tight. Some of those trees have grown hugely over summer – the tamarillos especially, and needed bigger stakes.

The passionfruit vines and the grape vines are spreading beautifully along the fence so we made sure they were all secure and heading in the right direction.

Lastly, the citrus trees got a good dose of fertiliser, they are heavy feeders and the leaves were looking a bit yellow so needed a bit of extra something. Hopefully the fertiliser will sort them out.

Finally, we have fruit on our Feijoa trees, the Unique variety at the back right corner has the biggest. We chose these trees to fruit mid, early and late so we should get a long feijoa season – just not sure how many fruit we will get on year 1…. just a few will be nice enough! Also the chilean guava hedge has berries that tasted pretty good this morning, lovely and sweet, so go down and check them out.

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