Orchard full of wildflowers

2010 and our orchard is full of blooming wildflowers, all beneficial to our trees to attract the good insects that eat the bad. We have a special orchard mix of sixteen flowers that includes Queen Annes Lace, Yarrow, English marigold, Blue cornflower Californian poppy and crimson clover. If you are interested in more of this sort of stuff these seeds came from: http://www.wildflowerworld.com/.

We have had 2 working bees over summer, one on a very very hot afternoon to weed and put in the irrigation and one on a much cooler morning where we put in lots of companion plants on the bank and on the wall side where the weeds are trying to win the battle. The plants and irrigation have all been donated by parents who regularly help out in the orchard. We now have lots of lavender, rosemary and thyme up on the slope and many other varieties dotted about. It is all looking beautiful and a million miles away from the wasteland it was at this time last year.

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